latest news!


this year, one of my resolutions was to learn watercolors! i've been doing digital art almost exclusively since i started my art career around 2013, and especially in the last few years. i think i've done maybe two acrylic paintings before, when i was like, 13.

so here's my first try!!

obviously, it's a little sloppy... i've sort of forgotten how to do any sort of traditional art, even, like, pencil and pens! but hopefully as i continue this year, i'll get better at staying inside the lines!

(i... also kind of need to figure out how to scan things with a printer. or i need to get my camera back -_- my phone's color balance is really off. oh well!)

that's all! ciao! 🎨🎨🖌


well... the second batch certainly came out more uniform!! ESPECIALLY compared to the last batch...

unfortunately, i was running low on jelly, so these ones are a little jelly-light. whatever, i'm not bringing these to a party or anything. these are just for all the important people in my life who weren't at the christmas dinner! 🍄

in site news, i added character portraits to all of them and got their art images loading in from [Chrono]... mostly. some of the portraits, like koryo's, i'm really happy with, and then some of them aren't my best work. i suppose that's the cost of doing like ten full-body drawings of characters i haven't drawn in years all at once!

(two of them were genuinely so shitty that i'm not actually using them! i'll probably re-do them at a later date.)

i also got all of the captions down for 2019, 2018, and 2017! which... are the years that probably *least* needed them, just based on, uh, art quality alone. shouldn't take too long to get through the rest, though!!

(genuinely not sure if i should have 2014-2017 public before i get the [Portfolio] tome up... [Chrono] is supposed to be an archive, with all the flaws that that entails, but right now, it's kind of the only grouping of my art available!)

((i also have an extra-special site layout planned... but that'll have to wait until more individual areas are ready! 🍤))



that's all for now! ciao!


happy belated new years! 🎉

i finally found the time/fucks to give to work on the art section a little bit more. the [Characters] and [Chrono] tomes... work, i guess. still need a LOT more work before they're done. and i couldn't ever figure out how to double-modal and put everything on one html page...

all things considered, probably for the best. i don't think putting every single thing on one page ever would have worked, that was kind of dumb as hell

the only characters with any info there for them are koryo and [redacted]. honestly, i spent more time drawing updated portraits for all of them than i did working on the html page. -_-

anyway, that's all for now! hopefully next time i won't be stricken with the 'update my website' bug at 5 am, especially when i have to get up at 9 am tomorrow...

🎁🎁 ciao! 🎁🎁

(oh, and i added a favicon, too! just a rose emoji :)


sorry i haven't updated in a bit... busy for the holidays!! i spent an entire day organizing and putting dates to all of my old art from late 2013 to 2018, and that sort of destroyed my motivation for a week or two, haha. none of that stuff is public yet, but hopefully soon!

anyway, here's some rainbow cookies i baked for christmas dinner tomorrow!! i've never baked anything this complicated before... they came out a little wonky, but they taste JUST like the real thing from the bakery so i hope my family likes them!!

maybe i'll add a little book for real-life images to the art page 'bookshelf' i'm working on... well, i'll have to get my camera back from my friend for that. sorry for the potato quality of the ones above 📷📷

i couldn't actually get the modal on the art page working fully, though, so i'm gonna work on that when i have time next week!

um... and i made a 3d model of a spaceship for shores of hazeron! boy, i need to make a link for that game, its a real hoot. i'll post pics of that ufo when its done too!

oh, before i go, have y'all heard of mitski? she's incredible!!

that's it for today! ciao! 🌈🌈🌈


originally was a very excited news post about tooltips i had seen on a page... didn't fit with my chill vibe... also i don't really have any place to put tooltips anyway lol 🍉


a few more changes...

all of these things were on the to-do list in the last news post, so i'm just going to cross stuff off on there from this point on, rather than make entire news posts for small changes.


oookay, i made a bunch of changes.

i still have a lot left to do, though!


hey i just went ahead and made this web site whats up

ill be posting my art here while tumblr Implodes... check it out at the top :0